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Russian anal queen Alysa Gap has definitely solidified her place amongst porno’s most notorious mega sluts. Alysa’s a cute bird with a giving demeanor and nice little tits. Her body is tight and firm where it needs to be, with a bit of extra meat in just the right places. But what makes Alysa Gap really special? The answer is in her last name. That gap we’re talking about is more like a gape, otherwise known as the massive hole her ass makes once this horny slut is done playing with herself. Alysa can fit anything and everything up her ass, pushing hole-stretching to such extremes that even the Guinness World Records is wildly amazed by her talents. Give Alysa’s asshole two dicks at the same time, and she takes it like it’s a stroll through the park. Give her three thick, throbbing meat shafts in there, and it’s like she’s just getting started. She loves a good fisting, and when we say that, we’re not talking about gently sliding in the duck-bill hand, but making a true power-fist and ramming it in there. When she gets her lesbian friends to wear strap-ons and fuck her rump tunnel, she always picks out the biggest dildo attachments for the scene. Ping-pong balls, champagne bottles, and butt plugs the size of traffic cones are all welcome in that chasm of an asshole of hers. Alysa has even helmed a few anal films as director, obviously giving herself the starring roles because few others are as anally competent as her. If ass play is your thing, give Alysa’s gaping hole a chance to amaze and impress you while simultaneously getting you off.

Det er ikke så meget jeg har gravet frem om hende. Men jeg har været en stor fan af hende gennem en del år.. og er en stor beundre af hende. 

Movies and Videos 

  • Rocco’s POV 4 (WEB) [] (2010)
  • Gape Lovers 6 [Evil Angel] (2011)
  • Legal Porno GG005 [] (2013)
  • Indecent Encounters 2 [Nathan Blake] (2015)
  • Alysa Gets Blaked 2 [Sunset Media] (2016)
  • Sweet Bondage 2 [DDF] (2012)
  • Top Wet Girls 11 [Evil Angel] (2011)
  • Wet and Flexy 1 [Devotion XXX] (2013)
  • Anal Buffet 4 [Evil Angel] (2010)
  • Secrets 1 [Viv Thomas] (2010)
  • Cheating MILFs [Sunset Media] (2015)
  • Gangland 72 [Devil’s Film] (2009)
  • Public Disgrace 16735 [] (2012)
  • Fantasy of an Angel [21 Sextury] (2010)
  • Hard Selling Men [Sunset Media] (2014)
  • TS Playground 9 [Evil Angel] (2014)
  • 3 Cazzi per un Culo [Sex B52] (2011)
  • Sodomiser N’Est Pas Tromper [Nathan Blake] (2015)
  • ATK Solo Sensations [Kick Ass Pictures] (2011)
  • Hardcore Fever [DDF] (2014)